Damajagua, Dominican Republic

 DSC01218We took our rental car from Luperon to Damajagua to do the 27 waterfalls.  We had to stop for gas first, because here, when you rent a car, its usually on empty, so if you fill it up, make sure you use all of it, otherwise you’re just throwing your money away.  Damajagua is near Imbert, and there isn’t a lot in the way of signs of where you need to go (this seems to be a trend in this country from what I can tell). We were told to cross two bridges and then look for a sign, which was faded, but had a picture of waterfalls.  We parked our car and a young man tried to get money out of us (another trend!) to “watch” our car.  No thanks.  We went up to the front desk and decided to do all 27 water falls.  You can also chose to only do 7 or 12, but I’m glad we did all of them! The cost for all 27, which included two guides, water shoes, life jacket and helmet was about $500 RD (about $12.50 USD).


It was quite a hike to the first waterfall, probably about 45 minutes.  Bring water! You can throw it away when you get to the top. The first few waterfalls weren’t impressive, but they were nice and easy to jump off of and to get acclimated to the cold water (well, its cold for us Floridians!).


The further down the river we got, the more impressive the waterfalls were.  Depending on the time of year, the water levels are a lot higher and faster, but it had been relatively dry when we were there.  But what that meant for us, was that the distance between where we  were jumping from and the water level was a greater distance! There was definitely a few jumps that got my heart racing, but I eventually was able to jump.



The guides took my camera and got some great shots of my group, and some videos  of us jumping.  Not to mention, several shots of my butt as I walked up stairs.  (SMH, boys!)


The hike back wasn’t as long, but we were starving.  They have a dining hall that is buffet style, but apparently it wasn’t included in our ticket price.  We ate there anyway, because afterward, we were going to drive to Caberte and the only place to really stop was Puero Plata. If you do this excursion, I would allot 4-5 hours if you do all the waterfalls and eat, depending on how many other groups are there.  Obviously, the earlier you go in the morning, the less crowded it’ll be, and I believe they open around 8:30am.



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