Grand Canyon, Arizona


On our way from Moab, Utah to the Grand Canyon, we saw a sign for the 4 corners (where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all intersect).  It had always been on my bucket list… so we grabbed our map to see how far out of the way it would be.  It looked about 20 miles one way in the opposite direction (and going the opposite of West wasn’t unusual on this road trip), so we went for it.

The first few miles of the road weren’t finished being paved, and we almost turned back until we saw that it finally cleared up.  There weren’t many other cars on the road, so we were able to speed a little bit.  But this is not recommended.  There are open ranges everywhere.  This means cows, sheep, horses and other wild animals are free to roam where they please… including the middle of the road.

The 20 miles that we thought it was going to be, was actually more like 50+.  Ugh.

And when we finally got there, it was $5 a person to enter the actual monument!! This was because it was on Navajo land.

So we did the next best thing, and got a picture by the sign and pretended that we were close enough.


All in all, this detour is not recommended, unless you REALLY need it checked off your bucket list.

After our disappointing detour to the Four Corners, we headed to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, in hopes to get there before the sun went down.  My friend looked online and saw that the sun set at 7:40 pm, and it was getting close to 7 already and we were still 45 miles away.  But I looked at the position of the sun, and thought, “there’s no way its setting in 40 minutes.”

We got closer and I needed to stretch my legs a little, and I saw some Indians selling buffalo jerky on the side of the road that I really wanted to try.  I got out, and they wanted $15 for a few pieces.  No thanks.

So we kept on going and got to the front gate of the Grand Canyon around 7pm (thanks to crossing into a new time zone).  But between us and the gate attendant was a large female elk.  We were in a small Scion.  I kept my distance.  She finally walked away and we paid our $25 entry fee.  We rushed to the first overlook and ran to catch the last of the day light.



It was breathtaking.


I’ve been to the Grand Canyon before, but a different spot.  Yeah, its just a giant hole in the ground, but this sunset made it look majestic.  I HIGHLY recommend coming at this time of night.


We drove around to the other main spots, but you couldn’t see much and the roads weren’t lit.  There is a TON of wildlife to dodge too.  Just between Moab, Utah and here, we dodged 7 different species of wildlife, ranging from coyotes to cows, so be careful, and drive slow!

You could see and smell some of the forest fires too.  My eyes were burning.  And our 3rd passenger was still smoking in the back seat.  It got so bad that my friend and I had to put eye drops in.  This kid could still not get the hint.

We finally made it to Flagstaff and checked into our hotel.  We told the 3rd person that we needed to part ways because my friends stuff wasn’t being delivered to California for another week, so she wasn’t going to have any furniture.  We nicely asked him where he wanted to be dropped off.

All was going well until we tried to go and get some food.  Everything was closed in this tiny little town at 10pm except for a bar.  Luckily they still served some food.  We all ordered pizza and got it to go.  We were only a few miles from the hotel, but we got stuck behind a train… that STOPPED on the tracks.  For a good 5 minutes.  Our third passenger decided to start eating his pizza.  We were all starving, and my friend couldn’t eat cheese because she’s “lactarded” and we were going to wait to get home to pick off all the cheese.  My friend politely asked that he stop eating until we got to the hotel.  He thought she was kidding.

ANGER ensues.

“Are you dense, or just a dick?!?” screamed my friend (among some other things).  He had no words.

This was really the last straw.  We were going to drop him off at an airport, but my friend couldn’t stand to be in the car with him any longer than necessary.  So we asked him if he wanted dropped off at a bus or train station in the morning. (Aren’t we nice? We didn’t leave him on the street in the middle of nowhere!)


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