A few of my favorite things

Here’s a list of my favorite things to travel with when I’m backpacking:



I usually take photos on my iPhone, and a lot of times I’m in the middle of nowhere, so this external battery charger is a life saver!

I love going to the beach, so a hammock is always nice to have.  This one folds up small, has a travel case built-in, and if there’s no trees around to hang it, you can use it as a beach mat!  Don’t forget tie down straps for bigger trees, or trees that are a little too far apart!


Carrying around bulky travel books takes up a ton of space.  Having a Kindle has changed my life.  I just download the books I need and I can access them offline!  When I finally get to a hostel or cafe with WiFi, I can use it for internet as well.  This is nice if you are too afraid to bring a laptop or cell phone with you on your travels.


You wouldn’t believe how many times a head lamp has come in handy!  Whether I’m doing a night hike, or just looking for something in my room and don’t want to disturb all of my bunk mates, this is essential!

I’ve been so impressed with the Yeti cups!  You seriously will still have ice in there the next day!!

I don’t know how many times I’ve been caught in the rain!  This rain cover has saved all of my clothes a few times!  It also helps keep your backpack clean.

Quick dry bath towels come in all colors and sizes.  I personally like an extra large in case I have to walk from the shower back to my room, or use it as a beach towel.

Last but not least… but this one is pretty obvious 🙂

Safe Travels!! <3 The Unicorn

The Unicorn

Tiffany sold most of her belongings back in 2011 to allow herself the freedom to travel. She has no permanent home and enjoys living out of a suitcase.

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