St. Lucia

St Lucia, the only country in the world that is named after a woman!

We sailed from Dominica to St. Lucia and stopped in Rodney Bay first.  Rodney Bay is located on the Northwest part of the island, and Rodney Bay Marina is probably one of the biggest marinas I’ve been in (based on the number of berths).  There were only two large yachts there, the rest were sailing boats, so the marina had a very friendly, expat vibe about it.  Our Captain, Bruce, had stayed there for a few months last year, so everywhere we went, he would bump into people who remembered him.

One couple that Bruce knew had an apartment not far from the marina.  They invited us over to use their pool and private beach.  Bruce dropped us off at their dock, but we first went to visit a National park called Pigeon Island, which was a short walk (mostly through a Sandals Resort).  Admission is $7 for adults. 

Inside the park are 18th century forts, a restaurant, snorkeling spots, a beach with chairs that you can rent for $3 and plenty of trails to hike.  You can climb into some of the forts and see a few cannons as well.After our hike, we met up with Bruce and his friends for some beers just outside of the park.  An Englishman named Ian Smith invited himself to our table. I mean, why wouldn’t he?  There were five girls and only two guys.  You know when you don’t actually want extra company, but you feel bad because someone is alone?  This was the case.  He was nice though, he bought us a bucket of beer, but then we had to listen to him brag about him and his rich family through his awful accent.  

Maybe it wasn’t the accent so much, but the fact that he had about 3 teeth in total.  When he decided to finally ask us about ourselves, we told him about how we were working (for free) on a sail boat with Bruce.  He thought it was very interesting.  But the best part was when he said, “there’s a show in England where they follow the crew around that work on yachts.”  The girls sitting around me all looked at me and smirked a little (I was on one season of the show).  I said, “Oh, is it called Below Deck?”  He confirmed, and then told us all how much he liked the show.  With a straight face, I asked him what season he was on, which he replied “season 2.”  I told him they had several more and that he should keep watching.  Aubrey noticed that I was not about to give away the fact that I was on the show, and whipped out her camera and interviewed him quickly about it. 

Our new friend Ian

After listening to him for another 30 minutes or so, we finally told him we had to go and we went over to Bruce’s friend’s house for a few drinks.  They were also nice enough to let us do our laundry there because we have to do it by hand on the sail boat, but sometimes clothes get stretched out and need to be thrown in a dryer.  They also told us we could have a shower there as well since we rarely get hot water on the boat either.  Living on a sail boat is like camping compared to living on a yacht!  But I think I’m adjusting well!

Our next stop in St. Lucia was Marigot Bay.  It’s a tiny harbor with only a hand full of mooring balls and minimal dock space, yet some big yachts are able to squeeze in here!  Jay-Z and Beyonce were actually here at the same time as us, but I didn’t know about it until the morning that we were leaving.  This harbor was pretty quiet, so it was a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Rodney Bay. Well, the locals are pretty aggressive when you show up to try and sell you fruit and bread before you even throw your lines on the mooring ball, but that’s pretty standard on these small islands. 

“Santa” coming to sell us bananas

There was a cute bar right on the water, swimming distance from our boat, called Hurricane Hole. Just like everywhere else in the Caribbean, they have very potent rum drinks and a great happy hour. 

Piton beer, a local favorite

The Pitons, which is French for “peaks,” are two volcanic mountains on the Southwest part of St. Lucia. Gros Piton is 2530 ft high and Petit Piton is 2438 feet high, but somehow, Gros Piton is easier to climb.  I climbed neither, for the record.  That’s too much like exercise.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  But I did snap this highly inappropriate photo of me and Gros Piton while sailing past it, because, why not? 

The Unicorn

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